‘Seun Ibukun-Oni, Abuja


DAILY COURIER – Youth Advocates For Peace Justice And Empowerment Network (YAPJEN), a human right, good Governance and social justice advocacy organisation has petitioned the Inspector General of Police to investigate, arrest, retrieve and prosecute “rogue” officers who robbed Citizen Miracle Chukwuemeka Kalu on gun point.


The letter signed Timothy Nwachukwu reads: “On 25th October, 2022, at about 4-6pm, the officers of the Nigeria Police stationed at Onuimo (The boundary between Imo and Abia State) stopped the vehicle which brother Miracle Chukwuemeka Kalu, A member of Dominion City Church was traveling with while returning from a church training program.


“After searching them without finding any suspicious item on them, They resorted to checking their phones, On checking his phone, they saw his transfer history and debit alert.


“He was called unprintable names, citizens Miracle explained to them that he is into Real Estate, owns salons and into Fashion, they asked him to alight while they told the driver to continue his journey while he was detained.


“They handcuffed him and bundled him into their patrol van and was asked to transfer 2 million naira to bail himself or he will be shot dead and tagged a criminal.


“In that state of fear and uncertainty, he asked them to bring his phone which was in their custody and after much plea, they reduced the amount to #500,000.


“They gave him an Fcmb account number and watched him transfer the sum of #500,000 to the FCMB 2972569016 CIKONVENT INTERNATIONAL CUSAN*


“They kept him with them until the transfer was confirmed via a debit alert in his phone before they allowed him to go with a final threat and promise of death if he ever discusses it with anyone.”


Youth Advocates For Peace Justice and Empowerment Network (YAPJEN), therefore called on Inspector General of Police to order for an investigation into the matter and bring the bad eggs in the police force to book.