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Considering the amount of zeal Nigerian youths have displayed daily towards the forthcoming 2023 General Elections, it is unfortunate that most of them do not possess the right information needed to make Nigeria a better place.

To begin with, let me remind you that Nigeria is a developing nation. In fact, it is often categorized as underdeveloped compared to other countries, even in Africa. Our exposure to the internet may have blinded us to the extent that we do not see the reality in front of us.

We clamour for change everyday, we compare ourselves with nations that are miles ahead in terms of everything you can think of. Forgetting that before some of these nations got to where they are today, it was not easy as every single citizen had to be involved in the quest for good governance.

In times past, agitation was the only option due to the prevailing system of government. Now, we have a more legitimate alternative which is voting. I indeed commend the youths who are now awakened to the need to get their PVCs to vote in the coming election. But that is just the first step into freedom. We all have had horrific experiences in which our next line of action is to blame either the government or the president.

Holding the president and his administration accountable is very much accepted, however, when last did we hold ourselves accountable? When last did we report a crime where we or someone close to us is the primary beneficiary? When was the last time we asked our uncle or brother for his source of wealth? When was the last time we respected and adhered to the traffic rules without anyone watching?

The aim of this article is to open people’s eyes and minds to the truth about the average Nigerian and how unpatriotic we are to this blessed country and to ourselves. To get this country on course has little to do with who becomes the president but more to do with who become Senators, House of Representatives members, Governors, Counselors and most importantly, it has everything to do with our mindsets.

Search deeply into your soul, there are times you or someone close to you have done something contrary to the rule of law and you decided not to report. Sometimes you have tried to pull someone down because you want that person’s position. There are times you have looked away from a crime because it doesn’t affect you or your family.

They say the law is for the poor but I believe we as Nigerians choose who the law should affect if we are in the position too. You want the youths to take over and rule the country but the prevailing ill among many Nigerian youth yahoo yahoo. Bankers embezzle in banks; private organizations are corrupt internally. HR employs through referrals and not based on qualifications; people have died due to nurses and doctors nonchalant attitude; lecturers demand for sex or money to pass students and many more which are not exactly hidden in today’s society.

Until nobody is above the law; until we uphold the rule of law; until a man who steals 10billion naira is charged for his crimes, sentenced and serves his time just like an average man caught stealing. Until citizens put the country first before self; do the right thing even when it’s not convenient. Until we start putting significant effort into voting credible politicians into office from presidency to the counselor of a ward and holding all of them accountable. Until the youths decide to participate beyond voting, getting into meetings and seating on tables where decisions are made, nothing will change. We can’t deliberately shy away from facts and reality.

No doubt we are awake, but are we ready to do the right thing?

Oluwayemisi .L. Ajayi is a journalist who effects change and positivity in the society through her skills. She holds a post graduate degree in advertising and public relations. She can be reached on Phone: 08138245717

(Email: yemisilydia.ajayi@gmail.com )