‘Seun Ibukun-Oni, Abuja


DAILY COURIER – The Presidency says the technology enabled eco-system in the country contributes about 18 per cent to the economy.


It said although records put the contribution at 18 per cent, it believes the estimation to be lower than the true contribution of the sector to the economy.


Senior Special Assistant to the President on Digital Transformation, Oswald Guobaida, who made the disclosure, said the tech enabled eco-system is a significant contributor.


Guobaida said this in Abuja at the digital access project co-creation workshop for digital transformation in Nigeria organised by the Policy Innovation Centre (PIC), Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.


He said, “The start-up Bill is a bill that was co-developed by the Federal Government, the Presidency and the tech enabled eco system.


“We are very excited about the potentials of the bill; we are looking forward to starting the implementation process and also initiating the state adoption process.


“Development-wise, as you can see, the tech enabled eco-system is a significant contributor to the economy. The recent number shows 18% and we even believe those numbers are low. The bill is intended to enable these value creators, and in this process, we believe we are going to escalate and expand their potential impact, which is going to great growth.


“The youths have been part of the process till date; the bill is for the youths; the bill is for the future of Nigeria, for the youths to dominate. The state adoption process is very early; we have a number of them, maybe eight or ten of them, that are very excited, but as you know, we are quickly entering the election period and during this time, you can’t really make changes like that. What we do is awareness, educate and as soon as the new governments emerge for the different states, we would start.”


Deputy Director PIC and Senior Fellow NESG, Dr. Osasuyi Dirisu said the intention is to facilitate public private dialogue.