Dismisses reports of government sanctioned levies


‘Seun Ibukun-Oni


DAILY COURIER – Kwara State Transport Sanitisation Committee continues its biometric capture of Keke, Okada in a bid to sanitize the transport sector at no cost to the operators.

Issues free Okada Riders Uniform as part of its strategies to ensure orderliness and strengthen security of lives and properties in the state.

A statement by Mr Temi Kolawole, Secretary, Kwara State Transport Sanitization Committee on July 19, 2022 reads:

“In the wake of influx of more commercial motorcycles (Okada) and tricycles (Keke Marwa) into the state after the recent partial ban in some states, Kwara State Government continues data capture and issuing of identity uniforms with security features to commercial Okada riders in the state. These identity uniforms are at zero cost to the riders or their associations.”

The Committee reiterates that riders without these security-enabled identity uniforms will not be allowed in the state and once again warns that it only recognizes the six-digit number written on the new uniform jackets and doesn’t recognize any other numbering or naming done by the associations. This six-digit code will be tied to the transport operator identity cards and a publicly-searchable database to display the photo and details of all riders in the state. This will also promote accountability and responsibility among transport operators in the State.

The statement noted that the committee setup in June 2021, has been working on data capture and issuance of riders’ jackets (uniforms) to properly identify all operators within the transport sector and ensure that all operators are fully enumerated to enable the State have an overview of the best way to make this important sector key into the various developmental programmes of the State.

“Members of the public within the transport sector who wish to carry out their legitimate activities are advised to present themselves for biometrics and collection of uniforms and which will lead to the issuance of identity cards that assign unique identity to each rider.

“Government strongly believes that security of lives and security is its number one priority; therefore, its relationship with all persons and entities in the State shall be so guided. To that extent, the government has resolved to bring all categories of riders in the State under one recognized Union of Okada Riders Association of Nigeria (ORAN) to allow for proper management, monitoring, and public safety.

“We similarly frown at the falsehood that the state government mandated the purchase and use of Face Caps on Okada and Keke Napep riders in the State. This is not true and should be discountenanced.

“For emphasis, uniforms are being issued out to persons in this sector by the State are free. The government is therefore not party to anything that exploits anyone whatsoever.

“Members of the public are enjoined to be wary of swindlers and enemies of peace who may parade themselves as either government agents or spokespersons.

“Kwara State Government recognises the law abiding and peace-loving Okada and Keke Napep operators as major stakeholders in the transport sector and will always work with them to ensure easy movement of people, goods and services under a secure atmosphere” the statement added.