Tayo Busayo, Abuja


DAILY COURIER – From a dismal total energy generation of 2,931Mw at 08:00hours on Tuesday, the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) at 08:00 hours on Wednesday, rose to 4,173.20Mw.


Only 17 power plants were operational on Tuesday as the National Control Centre, Oshogbo directed some of the Generation Companies (GenCos) to shut down from 12 midnight owing to high frequency.


Afam, Dandikowa and Ihovbor power plants stopped production completely generating 0Mw each at that time.


The Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC) Executive Secretary, Dr. Joy Ogaji on Tuesday revealed in a WhatsApp Group Platform “Power Sector Perspective,” that “So many GenCos instructed by NCC to shut down from 12 midnight till now. High frequency.”


The Nigerian System Operator (SO) of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), which dropped the hint about the energy market, said the situation of energy generation, however, improved at the corresponding time of 0:800hours yesterday (Wednesday) by 1,241.89Mw.


It was an indication of a 42.37% increase in 24 hours when 20 power plants became operational.


According to the document, Afam IV & V (Gas) generated 181Mw with two units while Alaoji NIPP (Gas) produced 99.50Mw with one unit.


It said with three units, Azura-Edo IPP (Gas) produced 400Mw, Dandikowa (Hydro) generated 20.20Mw while Delta (Gas) 351Mw with eight units and Egbin (Steam)  produced 282Mw with two units.


The document added that Geregu (Gas) produced 132Mw with one unit, Ihovbor NIPP (Gas) generated 104.20Mw with two units and Jebba (Hydro) generated 340Mw with four units.


It said Kainji (Hydro) produced 450Mw with five units, Odukpani NIPP (Gas) generated 317.40Mw with three units and Okpai  (Gas/Steam) produced 295Mw with three units.


The document said Olorunsogo generated  (Gas) 60.70Mw with two units, while Omoku (Gas) generated 73.3w with four units and with two units Omotosho (Gas) generated 65.3Mw.


It further disclosed that Omotosho NIPP (Gas)  generated 98.30Mw with one unit, and Paras Energy (Gas) produced 45.60Mw with seven units.


According to the data, Rivers IPP (Gas) generated 165Mw with one unit, Sapele NIPP (Gas) produced 88.70Mw and Shiroro (Hydro) generated 590Mw with four units.


The SO also noted that at 09:30hours yesterday (Wednesday) the SO allocated 3,570Mw to the 11 Electricity  Distribution Companies (DisCos).


According to the data, Abuja DisCo got 547Mw, Benin DisCo 334Mw, Eko DisCos 301Mw and Enugu DisCo got 389Mw.


The report also noted that Ibadan DisCo got 492Mw, Ikeja DisCo got 304Mw, Jos DisCo got 233Mw and Kaduna DisCo 272Mw.


The SO added that Kano DisCo got 288Mw, Port Harcourt DisCo 294Mw and Yola DisCo 116Mw.