Paul Akomolehin


DAILY COURIER – The National Population Commission would recruit approximately two million ad hoc staff for the conduct of the 2023 Population and Housing census.


The NPC Federal Commissioner for Ekiti state, Ayodeji Ajayi, made this known on Thursday in Ado Ekiti, during a press conference to intimate the public of the proposed recruitment of ad hoc staff that would undertake the exercise.


Ajayi, who warned recruited staff not to compromise the integrity of the census, said anyone found vitiating and compromising the process would be held accountable alongside his guarantors.


He said: “The commission will recruit ad hoc staff that will be in the neighbourhood of 2 million across the country for this exercise. These include staff of NPC and the ad hoc staff that will be trained and other professionals.


“And any job seeking youth, who participated in the exercise and performed well, will be given a certificate by the commission to enhance his employability.”


Ajayi stated that the commission is targeting majorly workers in the state and federal civil services, as well as interested Nigerians with proven integrity as ad hoc staff, urging interested members to express their interests via


He assured that the Commission has taken proactive measures to prevent the exercise from being hijacked by unscrupulous elements, through ICT innovations that can safeguard the integrity of the national headcount.


“Every enumeration area has been geo-coded that no staff can overlap. You can’t cross to other enumeration side to work with your gadgets. The time frame for you to work is also short that you can’t spend the entire day in a locality counting and once the button is pressed after counting, it is delivered in our central server.


“What had given rise to manipulation in the past is that papers were used, but we are using ICT gadgets. We have about 99% assurance that manipulation will be curtailed. Each staff will have a guarantor and if you do anything wrong, the guarantor will be held responsible.


“To us in the commission, the quality of staff that will perform the census activities is very important. Therefore, having good knowledge of the content document, the technique and the organisation of the census process is key to the success of the 2023 population and housing census.


“The president said he will leave a legacy of giving Nigeria workable population census and he is working the talk. He had instructed all security and government agencies that they should cooperate with us.


“While a good recruitment exercise will not by itself necessarily guarantee a successful census, a badly conducted recruitment process will inevitably lead to problems and increase the risk of unsuccessful census.


“The launching of the E-recruitment portal for the 2023 census marks the beginning of the online recruitment process, whereby Nigerians from all demography and gender can hook onto the website that will be provided by the commission to fill the online form and get themselves registered to be recruited.


“Teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions are our primary target. Though we have been using some lecturers in the university as professionals, but we need more, particularly specialists in Sociology, Statistics, Geography and Demography. University students, employed people, job seekers and those that are ICT compliant can also apply”, he said.


Ajayi said the commission had during the Enumeration Area Demarcation (EAD), done a preliminary census about the number of inhabitants in every home, adding that any alteration to the data will be challenged during the main census.


To make the recruitment gender-sensitive, Ajayi hinted that the NPC in Ekiti State will recruit a minimum of 40 per cent women as ad hoc staff for the exercise.