Jane Otu


DAILY COURIER – The Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited, on Wednesday, adjusted its retail prices for premium motor spirit (PMS) from N189 per litre to a new price ranging between N488 to N557 per litre.


A new table of retail prices for different geopolitical zones of the country to be effected by retail managers was instructed to take immediate effect beginning from May 31, 2023.


The table was made available to DAILY COURIER on Wednesday


According to the new price schedule, petrol will sell highest in Maiduguri and Damaturu at N557 per litre, and N550 per litre in the rest of the Northeast zone.


The average price in the North Central zone will be N537 per litre except in Illorin, where it will sell for N515 per litre.


Consumers in the Southeast will buy at an average of N520 per litre.


Aside from Uyo and Yenegoa, where petrol will now sell at N515 per litre, the rest of the Southsouth zone will get the product at N511 per litre.


Consumers in Lagos will buy the product at N488 per litre while the rest of the Southwest zone will get the product at N500 per litre.


Dealers in Lagos confirmed to DAILY COURIER that depot price has hit N575 per litre.


Consequently, the premium motor spirit (PMS) will now be sold at between N585 – N610 per litre for supply within Lagos.


Intra-state transport fair has risen by about 80 percent as commuters kick against the new petrol price.


DAILY COURIER saw many commuters stranded at bus-stops lamenting their ordeal as many embarked on a long distance trek.


Reports say the PMS sells for N750 – N800 per litre in parts of South East as of Wednesday.