• As industry watchers commend NNP Company limited and NUPRC on NJ Exploration limited- a subsidiary of Nuel Ojei Holdings limited-, Exxonmobil and ADDAX Petroleum deals.




Oil and gas industry watchers are commending the giant strides in the sector since the coming on stream of the Petroleum Industry Act.


The statement was also impressed with the way President Buhari is demonstrating a hand’s on leadership role of the sector as the main Minister of Petroleum resources and yet not stifling the independence and corporate authority of the agencies and institutions that he is supervising with overbearing presidential power.


They are particularly impressed with the role of the newly repackaged corporate leader on the sector- the NNP Company- and its chief regulatory engine room, the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC), in providing the robust backbone needed in stabilizing the once volatile sector.


While there are several silver linings in the industry of late, the three massive efforts that have resulted in the turn around fortunes of the sector are the resolution of the long running ADDAX Petroleum saga, the resolution of the ill-fated Seplat Oil purported purchase of EXXONMOBIL Nigeria Ltd, and the award of Oil Blocks OPLs 321 and 323 to NJ Exploration Ltd , a subsidiary of NUEL OJEI Holdings Ltd – after over 17 years of legal, corporate and political back and forth.


Stakeholders note in this regard that ADDAX petroleum exited four Nigerian Oil Blocks: OMLs 123/124 and 126/127 amicably with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)on the Transfer, Settlement, and Exit Agreement (TSEA), by which the long drawn disputes on the blocks operated by ADDAX was formally resolved and thus charting a course for much needed investment and growth on the oil blocks. With this new setup ADDAX has ceased to be the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) contractor for the asset. In the same vein the NUPRC’s voiding of the purported purchase of EXXONMOBIL Nig Ltd by Seplat Oil- an action that President Buhari ultimately backed- acceded to the professional and technical advise of the regulators, industry corporate players and critical stakeholders.


But by far the biggest breath of fresh air in the oil and gas sector in recent time is President Buhari’s approval of the NUPRC re-award of OPLs 321 and 323 to NJ Exploration Limited- a subsidiary of NUEL OJEI holdings Ltd – under a PIA guaranteed Sole Risk Arrangement. This award will hopefully galvanize NJ Exploration Ltd into reaching out to the Korean National Oil Corporation( KNOC), in the spirit of their long -standing relationship as well as other credible local and international players to partner with it to explore and develop the fields.


Intriguingly, it took NJ Exploration Ltd 17 years to re-acquire the Oil Blocks first awarded to KNOC – its strategic partners – during the 2005 bid round under President Obasanjo. However in 2009, the Federal Government headed by late President Yar’ardua voided the award and re-awarded it to ONGC-Videsh which also participated in the 2005 bid round. KNOC ultimately resolved to go to court to reclaim what it felt that rightly belonged to it. With the Supreme Court judgement of 2017 the coast became clear for the recommencement of exploration and development work on the blocks.


The hope is that NJ Exploration Ltd – which has demonstrated uncommon resilience and strength of character in this over 17 years ordeal – should regard this golden opportunity as a basis of getting KNOC and other well established global leaders in the industry back into the deal, and speedily engaging with the technical and logistic requirements for timely exploration and development of the blocks.


Critical stakeholders in the industry are thus hopeful that fixing the mess in the oil and gas sector- a process already jumpstarted with the coming on stream of the PIA- would be further stimulated and accelerated by the resolution of the ADDAX petroleum and EXXON MOBIL saga and the re-award of Oil Blocks 321 and 323 to NJ Exploration Ltd 17 years after its successful participation in the 2005 bid round. And in all these much thanks and kudos go to President Buhari and the leadership of NNP Company limited, especially Engr Mele Kyari, its CEO , and the leadership of NUPRC, particularly Engr Komolafe, its CEO.