Patrick Kelechi, Lagos


Argentina captain Lionel Messi admitted that he has few years left in the game.


The Paris Saint-Germain star current contract will expire next summer.


Ahead of leading Argentina at the World Cup, 35 year-old Messi spoke with former national teammate Ezequiel Lavezzi for Conmebol.


“I love soccer, I love playing it and I enjoy it, the only thing I’ve done all my life is play soccer and I’m sure that I will stay connected when I stop, although I don’t know what. I don’t think I’ll play much longer,” he said.


Asked about playing his final days with Rosario Central, Messi also said: “I don’t know, so many things happen… It was a dream I always had as a child, to be able to play in Argentine soccer.


“But today it depends on many things, I have my family, three children, I just had a very big change in my life that cost me and my whole family a lot. Today I got over it and we feel spectacular.”