DAILY COURIER- George Wajackoyah is a 63-year-old professor, who like Peter Obi brought a lot of excitement in the Kenya presidential election. As a political commentator puts it, George Wajackoyah proved to be the most eccentric of the four presidential candidates contesting the 9 August election. He convinced the Kenyan youths and they all became his structure.


Wajackoyah is running on an outrageous platform of no single structure but he has captured the imagination of angry, disaffected youth in both urban and rural Kenya, cutting across all the regular ethnic, regional and party lines. This is the same scenario with Peter Obi and his Labour party in Nigeria.


On the campaign trail, Prof Wajackoyah tends to wear a tracksuit, T-shirt and headscarf rather than a smart suit – to show he is not part of the Kenyan establishment he accuses of rampant corruption.


On social media in Kenya, he won the presidential election many times online the same way Obi does here week in week out.


Guess what?


Prof George Wajackoyah who claim that he could make Kenya earn more than nine trillion shillings ($76bn; £64bn) annually, and the government would “never have to borrow a single coin” again is getting 0.44% of the total vote cast.


Social media does not win a presidential election anywhere in the world.


-Ikerionwu Arthur Nnaemeka