Agency Report

Daily Courier – An expert in the field of diplomacy Prof. Edet Ekpenyong, has told Nigerians that all leaders and followers in the country need to be trained on diplomacy.

He said everything about humanity revolves around the different strata of diplomacy, the cultural, military, business, and religious.

Diplomacy is the conduct of international relations by negotiation and dialogue or by any other means to promote peaceful relations among humanity.

“Every state, local government and councillors should take advantage of the college to train their followers in order to eradicate violence because leadership is diplomacy, and once there is no diplomacy you cannot have it the right way.”

Prof. Ekpenyong who is also the Director-General of the College of Diplomatic Studies and International Relations was speaking to journalists shortly after the inaugural convention of the college on Friday, in Abuja.

He said it is a platform that educates Nigerians on how to stay peaceful and cordial, hence diplomacy is all about relationship because lack of cordial relationship brings about crisis and conflict of interest.

“It is about understanding the interest of the other person’s need at a particular time and not being selfish we can be able to maintain peace in Nigeria and the world at large.”

Also speaking Prof. Sam Zuga, a professor of Digital Economy who is the guest speaker at the event said to have a better society all Nigerians must take respective personal responsibility which will solve a lot of problems.

“Coming with the idea of this college is somebody taking a personal responsibility of establishing it in Nigeria to solve the problem of diplomacy.

“Nigerians are regarded as criminals anytime they travel abroad because they fail to put their house in order by not taking personal responsibility.”

He stated every Nigerian should be able to promote peace because peace is non negotiable, therefore people should avoid blame game to actualise their dreams and avert looking for greener pastures abroad.

The event was glamorized by other important personalities such as Dr. George Ikpot Secretary-general of the college, Prof. John Tabotndip among others, including foreign nationals.