‘Seun Ibukun-Oni, Abuja

Daily Courier – A leading aspirant for the gubernatorial race under the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Umar Bago has made time for progress in Niger state as the trust of his aspiration.

“They want change, they want continuity, they want progress. This is the time for it” Bago said.

Hon. Umar Bago who is representing Chachanga Federal Constituency of Niger State at the National Assembly said this after submitting his expression of interest and nomination forms yesterday.

The ranking legislator promised to make urban renewal of Niger state’s infrastructure a cardinal part of his administration.

Bago noted that he is at home with any kind of primary adopted by the party. “We are with the people whether direct, indirect or consensus, anyhow we are ready” he said.

On his chances of clinching the gubernatorial ticket for Niger state, Bago reeled out his sterling performances at the green chambers for three consecutive terms.

“First and foremost my constituency which I represent presently is the central constituency of Niger State where the state capital is. Nobody has ever been elected twice. I have been elected there times by the grace of God which means I have served them very well and this clarion call is not my own call but the call of the people.

He further said, “campaign continues for the primaries; this is where we’ve started and we are going to continue and by the grace of God on the D-day we will come out victorious.”