Damilola Aina, Abuja

Daily Courier – Days after the presidential primaries of the People’s Democratic Party, reports have emerged that some Nigerian politicians have outsmarted party delegates by allegedly buying their votes with bundles of counterfeit cash.

This development has sparked angry reactions among some of the swindled delegates, and they have resorted to cursing the con candidates.

Henry Nwazuruahu (Henry Shield), former Special Assistant to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) minister, disclosed this dramatic occurrence on Tuesday, May 31.

In a post made on his Twitter page, Nwazuruahu said the bundles of cash that have turned out to be counterfeit were meant to induce delegates during a party’s primaries.

The bundles of dollars given to the delegates were mixed with fake notes, and it only came to light after the bag containing the cash was taken to Bureau De Change (BDC) operators to change it to naira for them.

Nwazuruahu could not believe that candidates seeking election could scam the delegates in such a dramatic fashion.

“How can you give fake dollars to Delegates? You people are just evil,” he wrote.

Adding credence to the report, former Senior Special Adviser to Delta State Governor on New Media, Jack Obinyan, posted “I heard some delegates are crying over fake dollars, I just want to believe it’s not true”.