Tayo Busayo – Enygma Ventures has persisted in supporting entrepreneurs in Southern Africa. According to the Southern African VC, it is still accepting fresh financing requests from Southern African entrepreneurs.

Enygma Ventures expects to provide seed money for entrepreneurs through its cooperation with Pranary, which also includes training, mentoring as well as  business validation and investor readiness.

Successful applicants will get investment to help them scale their businesses. Pranary collaborates with mentors from all around the world who help to speed up the process of going from conception to validation to operation.

Applications are accepted from both male and female business owners, inventors, and creative thinkers who are interested in developing innovative solutions that help the SADC or African business owners in the region.

Startups who are chosen for investment will be permitted to take part in the Investor Readiness Programme by Pranary and Enygma Ventures, which enables companies to get an equity investment ranging from $200, 000 to $1 million.

Award-winning entrepreneurs Sarah and Jacob Dusek formed the US-based venture capital business Enygma Ventures.

The venture capital firm established a fund in 2019 with an emphasis on funding female entrepreneurs in the SADC area, and it made its initial investments in companies such Premier Credit, The Good Mineral, Black Mamba, Pranary, Job Crystal, Candor Select, Koa Academy, Kipepeo and Lupiya.

Interested applicants can submit an online application here. Applications may be submitted through August 31, 2022.

Pranary, the top startup school in Africa and a significant contributor to online acceleration, will allow startups who do not meet the criteria to obtain support for a cost.

What Enygma Ventures seeks:

Companies that specialize on resolving issues in Africa. The company must either have a regional base of operations or serve the area.

For-profit concepts or ventures. At present time, it does not support charitable ideas.