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DAILY COURIER – Kunle Adeyanju, the biker who rode from London to Lagos, said NIDCOM boss, Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa rose up like an Amazonian tigress, knocking at all doors as high as it takes and as far away as it gets during his 41-day trip across 13 countries.

Mr Adeyanju in a series of tweets showered encomiums on Dabiri-Erewa for her enormous contributions, that climax in his heroics.

The tweep thanked her for all the sacrifices while dropping the hint of a literary work in the woods.


Below are the full length of the tweets:

I recalled the hard day after riding 400km from Bamako Mali to the Cote d’Ivorean border & was denied entry into Cote d’Ivorie & left with the option of returning back to Bamako riding 400km again or divert to Sikasso a border town in Mali with Burkina Faso another 420km away.

I felt the cries, anger and energy of every Nigerians and other Africans and also good people around the world urging the Cote d’ivorean government to open up their border for me to ingress the country.

The cries were loud and really loud. However, there are some other voices not so loud on the social media waves but really loud at the corridors of authorities and government officials, where decisions that matters are made.

Such a voice is that of Dr Abike Dabiri the Chairman of the Nigerian in Diaspora Commission, she rose up like an Amazonian tigress, knocking at all doors as high as it takes and as far away as it gets until my entry permit into Cote d’Ivorie was secured.

A big thank you also to the Nigerian diplomatic mission staff in Burkina Faso & Cote d’Ivorie who worked tirelessly to sort this out in less than 2 hours the following day being a Monday.

This is another testament of the Nigerian Spirit, the determined mindset, and the never quitting, and goal getting attributes, which defines us as Nigerians.

And that was and the same Nigerian Spirit that kept me going even in the face of all the dangers, pain, suffering and agony on the treacherous landscape I traversed on #LONDONTOLAGOS adventure.

Some few days after I arrived Lagos, Dr Abike Dabiri, put a call through to me, she introduced herself saying “My name is Dr Abike Dabiri, the chairperson of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission.

I want to formally welcome you home, and to say a big thank you for doing our country proud and the high pedestal you put Nigeria on, in the global space. We have been following you from the day you started out in London.

I thanked her for reaching out to me, and for the kind words, but I was curious how she got my number, so I asked her! She told me that they have been in communication with Nigerian embassies along my way and have been keenly following my progress.

She then told me that the Presidency would like to meet me to thank me personally for putting Nigerian positively in the global space. She said if I don’t mind, she will go ahead to firm up the arrangements for the reception. I told her that it will be an honour for me.

She offered to fly me down to Abuja, but I insisted I want to ride Eagle down, and that I will be coming with 50 other bikers from around Nigeria. She told me I will have to come back to you on that, and she came back, true to her words.

And she said ok, but send the names of the people, so that i can facilitate clearance for the villa.

Generally, we had a great time in Abuja, the reception was well organized, flawless, and quite exciting. We felt so much at home, no pressure, just fun, fun, fun & excitement.

At the reception, the Metallic Bullz Bikers Club Lagos conferred a honorary membership on His excellency the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo & Dr Abike Dabiri.

They were presented with their Metallic Bullz branded Bikers Jacket.

The picture of his excellency the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo and Dr Abike Dabiri donning their bikers jacket and looking, sharp, tough, sporty and fun will be published in the book.

Along with other interesting accounts of the ride to the villa & other interesting occurrences.

Standby for the book


The Journey of a Lion Heart!