Coleman offers solution to incessant collapse Of national grid


Our Correspondent


Daily Courier – The Coleman Cable and Wires, said it has the capacity to solve the problem of incessant collapse of the nation’s national grid with its investment in the production of gap cables in the country.

The managing director/CEO of Coleman, Mr. George Onafowokan disclosed this while reacting to the recent collapse of the nation’s national grid.

According to Onafowokan, Coleman has positioned itself to help Nigeria out of this problem that has thrown millions of people into darkness. I want to call on the Minister of Power, Abubakar Aliyu to look inward in solving the problem.

“Coleman is committed to $50 million investment which will in return create direct and indirect 100,000 jobs. The federal government should allow us to solve this problem once and for all with the production of transmission cables that would put an end to Incessant collapse of the national grid,” he pointed out.

He stressed that Coleman is ready to work with the federal government, the Ministry of Power and Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to ensure Nigerians enjoy steady power supply in the country, with the supply of one of the latest technology driven power conductor, GAP Cable, that has the capacity to carry more load than existing cables.

“Our company has acquired the technology and capabilities to manufacture various cables that were previously imported with huge foreign currencies.

“Coleman will be first GAP Aluminium Cable producer in West Africa and this will make Nigeria only the third country in Africa with in country production,” he said.

Gap-type ZT-aluminum conductor steel reinforced (GZTACSR) uses heat-resistant aluminum over a steel core. Part of the features is that it maintains between a high-strength steel core and the first layer of aluminum alloy strands.

The gap between the first layer trapezoidal shaped aluminum strands and the steel core is filled with high thermal resistant grease. The principle of the Gap type conductor is that it can be tensioned on the steel core alone during erection. This results in a conductor with a knee-point at the erection temperature.