‘Seun Ibukun-Oni, Abuja

Hon Olufemi Bamisile flanked by Mr Biodun Oyebanji candidate of the APC in June 18 governorship election in Ekiti state

Daily Courier – The honourable member representing Ekiti South (2) constituency, Hon Olufemi Bamisile is trending for doling largesse worth 100 million naira to members of his constituents who have been living in darkness for over 8 years.

Ekiti South constituency (2) comprises of Ekiti East, Gbonyin and Emure local governments with the entire Ekiti East, Gbonyin and part of Emure permanently in darkness for 8 years and counting.

Daily Courier reports that Ekiti East which is home to the ranking legislator is also the home to the Senator Biodun Olujimi, who represents Ekiti South senatorial district in the red chamber.

Highlights Of Hon. Femi Bamisile’s empowerment programme on June 10, 2022 was the display of10 exotic cars, 6 muscle camry, 4 big daddy, over 50 motorcycles, hairdryers, pumping machines, generators, freezers, sowing machines, farm implements such as: spraying pumps, weeders, and rain boots among others for party members.

Reacting to the development, a broad section of his constituents felt the huge sum could have been devoted to solving the intractable darkness that has lingered for more than eight years.

Kayode Ojo said: “But if all this money are been put together it will go long way fixing the light.”

“All this is good but not at this time. One step before another ,light should Come first then other can follow” Folorunsho John quipped.

Famoroti Temitope added: “He should have spend that money on restoring the light in that local government area.”

Kayode Raymond who is from his constituency said: “We don’t have light you’re distributing generator selfish people.”

Another of his constituent, Oyeniyi Dave rues the logic behind doling 100 million naira on empowering a few people when the debt owed Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) is just a little above 200 million naira, he said: “I think it will solve Ekiti East local government light or olujimi should add additional 100M 100M + 100M = 200M”

Oni Bidemi showing his displeasure at the display said: “This is not empowerment. This is another form of slavery.”

Tayo Fad hailed the lawmaker, he said: “One of his constitutional duty . Congratulations. I voted for him and I know he will deliver!”

Tae Ajanaku bemoaned those who want to politicize the unending blackout in Ekiti East local government, he maintained that: “Make your research very well, the issue of electricity is far beyond politics of APC and PDP, do you still do follow up as regards the Electricity, BEDC will never offer to us what will profit us and them running at lost, let the local government embrace bulk metering, then there will be light, so please let stop politicising the electricity issue when we are our real problem, Some houses in ADO EKITI are still bulk metered, and mind you don’t just sit up there in the city criticising this men and women, once we loose them or the senate and rep moves to another local government maybe then local government will realize what we have lost.”

An academics who is also from Bamisile’s constituency, Dr Oladipo Idowu however differs with Tae Ajanaku. He argued that: “If it’s beyond politics, then why are we blaming the politicians the likes of Olujimi, Bafem, etc . Well let me emphasis it here that isn’t beyond politics of APC and PDP. That’s matter of fact, and it’s one of their constituency projects. If not why are they collecting constituency allowances, they could have limited their functions to mainly legislation

“The issue of bulk metering is politics of the politicians. In which they know that no poor communities like ours will accept such – No industries, no institutions, no thriving economy activities afi ise oko. Bulk metering from experience brought acrimony and enmity to communities that engaged on it. The traditional rulers are quite aware of all these developmental problems, the traditional rulers are kicking against bulk metering.

“It’s just that our politicians hate us and only hobnobbing with people during voting. I trust my people in Oke Oya, they will shibrobanka e and your yeye empowerment.

“Let me say this for record purpose, we had similar issue in Kano, it was the Hon Rep, that represents my constituency loke Oya, that called KEDCO and communities leaders. They tabled the matter and he paid for the installation and now pay KEDCO #3million per month. Now we’re having constant light. Rep and Senator are competing there. They source for employment for their people. They pay school fees of students in higher institutions, construct roads and culvert, built ultra modern markets, give out money for loans, pay for diesel and alum to pump water for the people. These are verifiable from any of our people in Bichi precisely.

“I called and message our Senator and Rep explained all these to them, she was telling me trash and that arrogant Rep wasn’t replying me. Posterity will judge all of them, awon ti ana da.”

The event was witnessed by APC Ekiti State Chairman Bar. Paul Omotoso, APC Governorship Candidate in the June 18, 2022, election Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, and other APC bigwigs across the state.