‘Seun Ibukun-Oni, Abuja


DAILY COURIER – The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, on Thursday denies reports that he replaced six suspended departmental directors at the secretariat with his friends and allies.

Adamu made the clarification at a media parley with journalists at the party headquarters in Abuja on Thursday.

The six affected directors namely Elder Anietie Offong (Welfare); Bartholomew I. Ugwoke (Research); Abubakar Suleiman (Finance); Dr Suleiman Abubakar (Administration); Salisu Dambatta (Publicity) and Dare Oketade, Legal Head, were sent on compulsory leave.

However, the new chairman from reports have expanded the directorates to eight from the initial six while two new appointees are from his home state of Nasarawa, the entire South-South has no director cadre official at the secretariat.

Defending his action in a media parley on Thursday, Adamu disclosed that the move was necessitated by the need to sanitise the system.

He said, “That the report is false. The fact of the matter is, go through the secretariat, there is not one person since we came in here that is my blood relation. Not one, whether primary or part of my extended family.

“It is a fallacy (that I have my people working here). In fact, when we came here, it was to reorganize and reconstitute the party. You don’t see the party in a state of mess and look the other way just because you want to be decent and not offend anybody.”

While claiming that he met a brazenly corruption system where anything goes and a staff log containing over 200 names including ghost workers, the APC chairman swore that it was not in his DNA to overlook such anomalies.

“We came and found the party where people are fixing all manners of things. We had a bill of N7.7bn to settle on legal matter alone. We came to find that here everybody was like me, on his own. No control, no system, no due process. Everybody doing what he wanted to do. It is just because you don’t want to be accused of anything that you will allow that kind of people.

“My DNA has terrible allergy for that. I am sure most, if not all, my members in the NWC share in this. Of course, every situation of change has a victim of its own and ours is not an exception. And we didn’t do anything with bias or prejudice. The main thing is the interest of the party.’

“Recently, we tried to introduce table payment. If you are a member of this chapel, you know we don’t have 200 people working for us here. But if you go through the payroll, we are over 200 people. Who are they? How did they come up on their bill? What are they doing for us? Where are their letters of appointment? What condition of service do they have?

“You don’t, because you are afraid of negative media review, ignore this. People went to the market square saying we are arranging salaries but can’t pay. That is very far from the truth. We met and paid some arrears when we came in. I don’t have any qualms about this. We did everything in good faith,” he said.