‘Seun Ibukun-Oni, Abuja


Daily Courier – The Director General of Yahaya Bello Presidential Campaign Organization, Hafsat Abiola-Costello has stated that a Yahaya Bello presidency signals the end to insecurity in Nigeria.

She stated this while submitting the completed nomination and expression of interest forms for Governor Yahaya Bello at the Abuja International Conference Centre today, May 12, 2022.

Abiola-Costello said, “I have come on behalf of our candidates Governor Yahaya Bello to submit the winning form. And I’m proud to say to all Nigerians and to express my congratulations to all the Nigerian people. You know the Chinese say that the journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.

“Today we’ve taken another step in the journey to restore hope to the people of Nigeria by submitting the Presidential application of Governor Yahaya Bello with this form, we express our sincere belief that with Yahaya Bello candidacy, we have the opportunity to restore to the Nigerian people security.”

She further said: “We have the opportunity to restore to the Nigerian people unity and the opportunity to restore to the Nigerian people progress through prosperity.”

On the record number of candidates who had purchased forms for the presidential race, she maintained that the Bello has built bridges across the country to clinch the party’s presidential ticket.

“We welcome all candidates in this presidential primaries. And we want to encourage all Nigerians to keep faith. Governor Yahaya Bello did not start this effort this month. He did not start this effort this year. He started many years ago. He has convinced the whole country and he has signaled to the Nigerian people that his capacity is competence.

“He has built his credibility within the party. And he has built allies across religion across zones across every divide that we have in this great country. So he we have nothing to hear from other candidates, especially from candidates that are just appearing now.

“We see that some candidates are going around, meeting with delegates. He has been doing that religiously for years. So we are fully confident in the movement that he represents” Abiola-Costello said.

She maintained that Bello is the best candidate for the plum job that Nigerians will be proud of.

“As you see I’m not here by myself. I’m with many members of his team. And we have because we’re so proud. We’re so tired of Nigerians complaining and we’re so proud to give Nigerians something great to look forward to.

“We have no reservations whatsoever about this great candidate. We have no reservations about his competency. We have no reservations about his qualifications from his first day in office. As governor of Kogi state. He started working to unify a state that was polarized. He started working to bring security to a state that had insecurity.

“He started working to diversify the economy and to restore sanity to the civil service system. This is all what he will do as president and we look forward to all the Nigerian people welcoming him as the candidate come June 1 2022” she added.

She commended the leadership of the party and expresses confidence on the National Working Committee of the party for the exemplary way in which they have managed and organized all affairs so far.

“We look forward actually to the convention, to the successful combination of all their efforts, all combined efforts. We sincerely believe that today we have submitted the form for the person that Nigerians will welcome in 2023 as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” she concluded.