‘Seun Ibukun-Oni, Abuja


DAILY COURIER – The Vice Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Yusuf Salisu Buhari has urged Nigerians to vote for leaders who will serve them and not those who will abuse political trust in the forthcoming general election.


The Vice Presidential candidate made the rallying call during an exclusive interview with our correspondent in Abuja Friday, October 28, 2022.


He stated that Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians which implied that all the benefits must serve the interest of all as against the current situation where the commonwealth of the country is wasted by the leaders leaving majority of Nigerians in endemic poverty.


“Nigeria belongs to everybody. All of us that are Nigerians, people who have come in here that have spent some years that are Nigerians, we are all entitled to the same benefits. Leadership is not about the state, leadership is not about big-mannism, leadership is not about oppressing people with your cars, aides and your serene. Leadership is not about exhibiting 50, 60 or 70 vehicles.


“Leadership is not about wearing crazy and outlandish clothes to show that you are the leader. Leadership is about service. Leadership is about working round the clock to ensuring that everybody that you are governing has a level of decent living” he said.


Buhari promised to work with the presidential candidate of the SDP to eradicate some levels of poverty if elected in 2023.


He said; “You cannot make everybody a multi-billionaire but like my presidential candidate has said, we can ensure we eradicate some levels of poverty in this country. We have the capacity to do that. We can eradicate poverty of hunger, housing and poverty of joblessness. We have the resources but these crop of leadership that we had since 1999 have continued to starve us because they are the same people that are conniving with international companies to steal, to loot our resources 80 percent of the time. A recent report came out and stated that we had about 41billion sales of crude oil and only 5 percent was what Nigeria got. That means that Nigeria got 12 percent that means that 88 percent of the proceed is gone and it is gone to the people that we have entrusted with our affairs.”


He urged Nigerians in 2023 to think critically of the people they will vote in power. Promising to show exemplary leadership if elected. “We have to look at their lifestyles, look at the lifestyles of their friends, and look at the lifestyles of their family. The children of the leaders are the ones flying all over the places, all the cars you see on the roads on tyres that cost over 200 million are owned by children of people in power and children of politicians. This is not leadership, this is wrong. We have to change our thinking. This type of behavior must stop with our presidency. If we have to impress we will impress with our service. This is what our culture across the country once respected, service to the people. What we are getting now is injustice. My prayer is that we will wake up to this responsibility and ensure that we are much more learned and informed when it comes to the politics of our land. More information with regards to people who are coming out to ask us of our votes because your votes is what will take them there” he added.


Buhari praised the electoral umpire, INEC, for improving the security of votes with the Bimodal Voters Accreditation System, BVAS in place. “They have said it is going to be more difficult for what has been going on in the past to happen in this election. We have to face it, let’s come out and let’s do the right thing. I believe that people who do not vote are actually commiting a crime because at the end of the day the same people will come out and say they don’t have jobs, there is insecurity, people are being kidnapped and the likes. So, come out to vote, it is very important” Buhari concluded.


The SDP vice presidential candidate, Yusuf Salisu Buhari is a finance and investment expert, IT enthusiast, businessman and a consummate politician. He is 50 years old from Kano State. He left as regional manager, GTbank and had stint with First Funds amongst other engagements.